5 Reasons to try a Duet

5 Reasons to try a Duet
In many cases, GYROTONIC® sessions are private: just you with a trainer. But I, and many other trainers, offer duets as an option. This is a great model for both you and me for many reasons:

1) Price
It’s not half the price, but since I’m seeing two people instead of one (allowing me to maximize my time with clients), you get a deal.

2) Accountability
Like anything, it’s harder to bail when you know someone else expects you to be there. Two people if you count me, your trainer.

3) Energy
More people in the room means more energy in the room, which usually means we make more progress (and have more fun).

4) Encouragement
If you find yourself getting frustrated by your training, working with another person alongside you and offering support to one another can be a big help.

5) Relationship
Need some time to spend with your friend, spouse, or significant other? Spend some quality time, and train your body simultaneously!

The only negative is scheduling.  If you book a duet with me, you have to consider my schedule, your schedule, your partner’s schedule, and the studio schedule (we’ll need to make sure two sets of machines are available, as opposed to just one).   But if we can deal with the scheduling (and we can!), then duets are often a great solution for everyone involved.

If you’re interested in scheduling a duet Gyrotonic session (or a single, that’s great too!) you can contact me.  Or check out my services to see all of my offerings and rates.

Interested in working with me? Take a look at my services page or contact me for an appointment. enJoy today, laura b

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