Is this similar to Pilates?

Gyro or Pilates
When people ask what I do and I explain that I’m a  GYROTONIC® certified trainer I often get blank stares. Once I start explaining the method I usually get the question, “is it like Pilates?”

Well… no? It depends on what you mean.

Deborah McKeever-Watson (a GYROTONIC® certified trainer AND Pilates Instructor) wrote a great article for Pilates Digest highlighting both method’s similarities and differences. If you were ever wondering how they compare, this is a read for you!

In the end, it comes down to preference. If you’re a Pilates devotee but want to try a GYROTONIC® session, I’d encourage you to do so. While the methods are different, you can certainly use and find benefits from both. The most important thing is that you find (and USE) a method that helps you achieve your movement and fitness goals, whatever they may be.

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