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Laura is thoughtful, intelligent, and kind-spirited in her teaching approach. She makes an active effort to get to know the individuals who she works with, which allows her to craft sessions specific to each unique body/person. Laura is reliable, and she truly cares about my strengths, weaknesses, and progress. I believe that individuals of all types and walks of life can benefit from sessions with Laura. My body, mind, and spirit surely appreciate her! She has incredible energy to share and passion for what she does!

Professional Movement Artist & Educator

like sunshine, precise yet warm ~lb

It is difficult to express in just a few sentences all the good that have come from my experience of GYROTONIC® with Laura Barbee. I first came to see her because an injury had left me with lingering pain in my shoulder, arm and fingers, which a year of traditional physical therapy had been unable to relieve. We started working in the system, which I noticed provided some relief and additional range of motion and strength in my shoulder. The most important observation from Laura, that was nothing short of life-changing, was that if I were to get any further medical tests that perhaps I could ask the doctors to look at my neck, which she thought might be the real source of the problem. So, what two doctors and several physical therapists had missed–that the injury was in the cervical vertebrae–was validated by MRI and x-ray. I received new physical therapy, continued with the GYROTONIC® sessions, and am now flexible, strong and pain free. This has allowed me to continue the work I love, music performing and composing, and I now keep up the the GYROTONIC® sessions every two or three weeks for continued ease of motion throughout my body and to protect against further injury. Laura, I wish I could thank you enough, but that is beyond my ability!

Musician & Physicist

with all the gentle strength of a grammarian ~lb

Laura truly understands the body; she helped me tremendously in recovering from a back injury, and did it with such grace and enthusiasm. I would recommend her and the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® Method without any reservation, whether you have an injury or are simply looking for a way to become fit, strong and supple.

Mom & Finance Professional

beauty at every facet; determined, brilliant, kind ~lb

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