Winter and Spring 2016 Class Schedule

Many thanks to those that joined my Intro to Gyrokinesis class!  What a wonderful group of people and a great way to move into 2016.

Good News! Here is the schedule through May:

January 16th & 30th

February 13th & 27th

March 12th & 26th

April 9th* & 23rd

May 7th & 21st

All classes are Satruday from 9-10:15am at Studio G.

Cost is $20 per class or 3 classes for $45 (expiration May 21st). Accepting cash or check.

Please bring a mat.

*Special offer to come on April 9th!

enJoy today,

laura b

Teaching Philosophy

These words are currently part of my teaching philosophy:
What a privilege we have to move with choice and expression, a great duty to work hard, and a pure joy to live a life full of both. As I lead, I learn and am thankful to be learning. I truly value and try to assist all who are at least willing in their process. I become additionally inspired by those who are thoughtful yet ecstatically hungry as they go.
Language choices may shift over time. I aim to keep this in my day to day pocket which is where my mind, heart, and strength seem to mingle. We all have our rough and tumbling, tumbling… moments. The essence of it could stand to be constant for a while though. Well – at least as far as I can sense and move for the moment. How do you choose to move, work, and live with the gift of each new day?


resolution: a noun

: the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. : the act of resolving something
: an answer or solution to something
: the ability of a device to show an image clearly and with a lot of detail
there are a few times each year that making resolutions, changes, promises, or improvements seem to be in the spotlight. for some the new year’s resolution is their fresh start. for others it may be a season related to their faith. for people on an academic calendar, maybe summer’s end is the time of change. others still use their birthdays as a time to resolve, renew, refresh, etc. whatever your reason or season may be, it’s about the work. be specific. begin again each new day.
i also prefer to make some of my resolutions public and keep other ones private. this is a way for me to practice different forms of accountability.
for my birthday last year, one thing i chose to do was related to eating habits. i was already avoiding certain fast food options regularly. once in a blue moon, i’d find an excuse for it then feel pretty icky afterward. i decided to do it consciously and completely. it simply meant that i planned a little better. most of the time, there was something more fulfilling at home i could eat anyway. why not?!
two things i’m working on right now: vitamins and prayer.
taking those supplements each day shouldn’t be such a challenge, but for me it is. i’m challenging myself with daily consumption.
my prayer habits have their ups and downs. instead of a habit, i’d rather it be a way of living.
what about your resolutions, goals, new habits and ways of living? i hope whatever it is, that it brings you joy!